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noraWalksInSpirit is born of Algonquin Native Heritage and has been Teaching and Healing for over 20 years. Nora works as a “Diamond Light Code Transmitter” to the Multi-Dimensions of Crystal Grid Systems that she Connects and Communicates to a deeper level of Infinite “Oneness Consciousness”.

In her own words: “My teachings and healings are SPOKEN in the Gift of Sacred Languages and Vibrations that form a Bridge from the Mind to the Heart to all Dimensions of Consciousness”. ***We can create this BRIDGE from one state of Consciousness to a Higher Consciousness, while focusing on the “Clarity” of Enlightenment through Stillness,

By connecting to our Consciousness through Stillness and Harmony of our Awakened Minds and Loving Hearts, we find FREEDOM within our Soul is ONE Consciousness of ENLIGHTENMENT.

Her Soul’s desire is to Enlighten the world about a deeper level of “Oneness Consciousness” as speaks on various Radio Broadcasts including her own BlogTalk Radio “Stepping Into Mastery”. She is the Author of the “Enlightenment Journey” and Teachings of the “Ascension Series” and “Stepping Into Mastery”.

Today is the first day I managed to BE fully aware of your voice all the way through, I could feel the Holyness and the Gold. I am Trusting my "Feeling-ness" 😀if that is a word!! it feels sooo freeing ....unattached to ...disconnected from expanse of Sacred Stillness. I am soooo looking forward to class number 2 and the work clearing that helps to move ME closer and closer to my Soul.


I was guided to come today before the eclipse… I am to come to the chapel of the Holy Cross and here I found your message as I am sitting in my car at the base of the Chapel. HONESTLY this place feels like a Sacred Portal and it is to be activated now. I am to use my Crystals and your Words, in preparation of the Lunar Eclipse coming on 20th. I have been listening to your New Year Activation daily, Wow amazing. Thank you, Blessings and Gratitude. I had a session with you several months ago. I think you have been here to this Place in Sedona, in fact it feels like you are here with me NOW.I Love how the universe works. XX